A visual guide to hiding your naughty secret!

1. Open the Hide-a-Cover face down.     2. Insert the front cover into the left pocket.   3. Slide the back cover under one or both of the right straps. 

4. Tuck the back plastic flap under the strap(s) and you're done! 

Now no one will ever guess what you're reading! 


A note about the fit for trade-size paperbacks. Since none of our favorite reads is uniform in thickness or length, Hide-a-Covers are designed to fit a variety of  sizes. In all cases, the front cover will be completely covered by the Hide-a-Cover. To get the perfect fit, gently bend the back plastic flap to accomodate the size book you're covering. I've used the following books to illustrate how the back cover is covered up by the Hide-a-Cover.  Luckily, for some of the very thick books, back covers are usually not too embarrassing!

Book sizes
Night World: 8.25" tall x 2" thick           Sexually Satisfied: 8.25" tall x .75" thick      The Dead Travel Fast: 8" tall x 1" thick  


Here the Hide-a-Cover is shown over The Dead Travel Fast which is 8" tall and 1" thick. You'll see the back is completely covered by the Hide-a-Cover. 


Here the Hide-a-Cover is shown over Sexually Satisfied (who wants to see you read that!) which is 8.25" tall and .75" thick. There is about .5" of the back cover showing.  

Here the Hide-a-Cover is shown over one of the Night World 3-book collections which is 8.25" tall and 2" thick! You'll see there is about 1.5" of the back cover showing.  


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