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"Are you ashamed of reading Twilight ... again?  How can you bring your Harlequin romance into the pre-school to read while you wait for your little one?  Have you SEEN some of those steamy covers??  Have no fear, Hide-a-Cover is here! I thought these covers were fun, and while I am not ashamed of anything I read - no matter how silly I might look reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid - I think these are great gifts for the book lovers in your life!"

~  Alison, Alison's Book Marks


"I own a couple Hide-a-Covers and they are so far the best book cover that I have found. They are light and incredibly easy to use. I've found with most book covers that reading with them on can be a chore. The Hide-a-Covers are smooth, they remain tight and don't slide off the book and they are flexible while reading. I can't say enough great things about them."

~ Stephanie, Once Upon a Chapter blog



"Because I think this is cute, I want to mention the Hide-a-Cover that goes over your "trashy" romance novels. I got mine at Romance Times. I really love it. The cover I got was "This is not a trashy Vampire romance novel." I also like the cupcake "Romance Diet" cover. I sure could have used this cover for all of Mario Acevedo's novels that I read at the performance hall and got many comments on. Anyway, this is cute and I wanted to mention it to anyone else who reads books that go a little beyond casual."

~ Christina, Christina Rundle blog  


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