Wholesale Information

Help your customers read shamelessly by offering a selection of affordable and witty Hide-a-Covers.  Your romance novel customers will be able to carry their reading material everywhere they go - the doctor's office, the lunchroom, even to daycare! At two great pricepoints, Hide-a-Covers make for excellent add-on sales and gifts. 

Starter Package
Includes 40 Hide-a-Covers (20 small and 20 medium) giving you more inventory of the best-sellers. Includes two 12-station (28” long) disposable merchandising strips.

You may reorder any title in any size with a minimum order of 10 covers.  Be sure to check the website for new titles.
Includes one 12-station (28” long) disposable merchandising strip.

Low opening order and reorders let you try out our covers with your customers.  Download the Wholesale Information sheet or contact Jenni for the details including pricing.

 Hide-a-Cover | 3337 East Fairfax Rd. | Cleveland Heights | OH | 44118 | jenni@hideacover.com

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